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Our Story

Here is a little part of our story  we want to share with you...

As parents like you, we have learnt A LOT during our child's growth and we still learn A LOT ! 

At the begining of our "nursing" experience we tought that raising, loving and educating our children was good enough and made us happy parents...

Well, That's wasn't actually wrong! But as the time passes (and it passes very fast!), we realized that something was missing...

That "something" was to share a more greater number of valuable and unforgetable moments that will stay in our memory forever. 

Because children grow fast, we wanted to be able to have in mind a moment that recalls us every stage of their growth.

And These type of moments are often related to objects we share or we love. These object contribute to keep the memories that goes with it.

That's why we created our brand HeartForTwo ! We wanted to propose you the products that will help you the most to create these unforgettable moments of sharing.

We hope to support your love for your children the best we can !

Take care of you and your lovely tribe.

The HeartForTwo family.